Awards will be presented at the annual State Fleet Managers Workshop. The National Conference of State Fleet Administrators is pleased to sponsor three nationally recognized fleet industry awards that are presented to NCSFA member nominees who exemplify exceptional leadership skills in fleet management among their peers. 

Distinguished Member Award
: The NCSFA Distinguished Member Award is presented annually to the member who exemplifies exceptional leadership skills in fleet management among their peers.  

Fleet Excellence AwardThe NCSFA Fleet Excellence Award recognizes member fleet managers that can demonstrate sustained efforts to improve the efficiency of their fleet in terms of measurable cost reductions, safety enhancements, or improved customer service.

Environmental Leadership AwardThe Environmental Leadership Award is given annually to an NCSFA member that has demonstrated sustained contributions to the advancement and use of alternative fuels in the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) fleet community and who has contributed to the overall quality of the of their fleet and the nation’s AFV goals.

CAFS/CAFM Scholarship: NCSFA has established a scholarship program to assist members pursuing the CAFS/CAFM designation. This scholarship is offered each year to an NCSFA member in need of assistance for enrollment into the CAFS/CAFM program.