Educational Webinar Series

NCSFA's Educational Webinar Series facilitates the exchange of case studies and dialogue between state and university members. The inclusion of additional Corporate Partner webinars allow valued corporate partners the opportunity to provide updates on what to expect in terms of fleet product and service updates and innovations.

NCSFA members are encouraged to share ideas for a future NCSFA webinar, by emailing your proposal to [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

Managing Fuel Expenses in a High PPG Environment                      November 9, 2022 from 2-3 pm

In this webinar, WEX will explore important points to consider to effectively manage  your fleet through a high PPG environment.  Cost savings at the pump start with an overall fuel management program and effective policies. We’ll explore how you can leverage the tools you have today along with other technology to drive overall cost savings. 

Presenters: Denise Baumgart and Janet Parker, Strategic Relationship Managers at WEX Inc.

In this presentation, viewers will learn about:

  • Important factors every fleet should be considering and evaluating regularly in order to positively affect managing expenses
  • Tips for increasing fuel cost savings 
  • How to marry policies with results

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