Educational Webinar Series

NCSFA's Educational Webinar Series facilitates the exchange of case studies and dialogue between state and university members. The inclusion of additional Corporate Partner webinars allow valued corporate partners the opportunity to provide updates on what to expect in terms of fleet product and service updates and innovations.

NCSFA members are encouraged to share ideas for a future NCSFA webinar, by emailing your proposal to [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

Managing Fleet Data: Best Practices for Using Data to Improve Fleet                          September 22, 2021 at 2 pm EST

The acceptability of basing fleet management decisions primarily on long-standing business practices and relationships, first-hand observation, practical experience, and subjective judgment is rapidly diminishing. Congruently, an abundance of commercial data capture, processing, and decision-support devices and solutions is making data-driven management a “necessity” in the fleet industry. However, many fleet organizations struggle to leverage technology and data. In this session, we will review key attributes for creating and maintaining a data-driven fleet organization.

The Key takeaways for this webinar include:

  • Best practices in fleet data management
  • Common missteps organizations make in fleet data management, and how to avoid them
  • Important fleet Key Performance Indicators
  • Why they are valuable and the data points necessary to calculate them
  • Helpful analyses for deploying data-driven decision making


Marc Canton, M.B.A., Senior Manager for Data Analytics



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