Educational Webinar Series

NCSFA's Educational Webinar Series facilitates the exchange of case studies and dialogue between state and university members. The inclusion of additional Corporate Partner webinars allow valued corporate partners the opportunity to provide updates on what to expect in terms of fleet product and service updates and innovations.

NCSFA members are encouraged to share ideas for a future NCSFA webinar, by emailing your proposal to [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

How Fleets can Drive Sustainability                                                    August 10, 2022 from 2-3 pm

The State of MN has been focused on reducing fossil fuel use, reducing GHG emissions, supporting agriculture, and improving air quality through our fleet choices for many years. In recent years, the fleet has become a greater area of focus in sustainability for all of the reasons above, but also because fleet is a key driver of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The State of MN has created a comprehensive sustainability program with reporting and planning to reduce fleet fossil fuel use and we have learned it takes everyone from high-level decision makers, fleet users and managers, utilities, and our facilities teams to make significant strides in our fleet sustainability work.

Presenters: Marcus Grubbs and Holly Gustner, Employer: State of MN, Dept of Admin 

In this presentation, viewers will learn about:

  • how fleet sustainability fits in with MN’s comprehensive sustainability effort, including GHG emissions inventory;
  • managing fleet data for sustainability; and
  • the State of MN’s sustainability goal and key strategies and efforts to reach that goal, including the use of lower carbon fuels and electrification.

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