Benchmarking Initiative


2018 Benchmarking Report 

The National Conference of State Fleet Administrators (NCSFA) conducted comprehensive benchmarking surveys in 2014, 2016 and has most recently completed the 2018 Benchmarking survey. Through a partnership with Mercury Associates, NCSFA has gathered and evaluated data from 44 fleet management organizations. Results from the survey will help drive best practices for state and university fleets. It also provides NCSFA corporate partners with key data on providing solutions to their state and university level partners.  

The following are the goals of NCSFA's Benchmarking Survey efforts: 

Goal 1: To inform and educate members with metrics that they can use to improve their fleet programs

Goal 2: Formalize and publish standards of measurement that are relevant to government fleets 

Goal 3: Establish a reference document that will give NCSFA membership the necessary information to leverage with their leadership to modify programs

Goal 4: Increase NCSFA’s prominence and position organization to stand as the source of government fleet metrics

2018 Topics Surveyed Include: 

  1. Fleet Management and Organization Information 
  2. Asset Allocation and Utilization Management 
  3. Asset Acquisition and Disposal 
  4. Fleet Management Safety Repair 
  5. Fleet Fueling Fleet Replacement
  6. Fleet Management Information Technology 
  7. Fleet Cost Charge-back
  8. Fleet Industry Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
  9. And more....

2018 Benchmarking Availability 

Access to the 2018 report and previous NCSFA Benchmarking studies are only available to NCSFA state, university, and corporate members. If you wish to see a preview of the 2018 Benchmarking Survey, you may click the report to your right to see a short sample of what information is covered in the study. 

If you wish to become a member of NCSFA and receive more membership benefits such as this report, please see NCSFA's membership options. Or you can contact NCSFA headquarters for more information.