NCSFA CAFS/CAFM Certification Scholarship

The National Conference of State Fleet Administrators (NCSFA) has established a scholarship program to assist members pursuing the CAFS/CAFM designation. This scholarship is offered each year to an NCSFA member in need of assistance for enrollment into the CAFS/CAFM program. This scholarship program is administered by the NCSFA Executive Committee.

To apply for a scholarship, applicants must complete all sections of the application (as detailed below), include requested documentation and submit before the deadline date NCSFA.

The scholarship award will be submitted directly to NAFA for the CAFS/CAFM Enrollment Package amount ($500/$700).    


1. Application Deadline is July 26, 2019
2. Must be an NCSFA member in good standing for the past one year. 
3. Scholarship is for a one-time issuance and is not renewable.
4. Include a letter of recommendation from an employer or colleague.
5. Include copies of any fleet related awards or certificates.
6. Applicant should submit a one page document to include the following: 

  • Biography to include relevant work history 
  • Degrees, prior certifications 
  • Discussion of need 
  • Discussion of planned time frame to begin/complete certification if awarded

Send your application and any other relevant documents to NCSFA at [email protected] prior to the deadline. If you have any questions, please contact NCSFA Executive Director, Tommy Morrison at [email protected] or by calling 859-402-9805